About Us

We are “Quran eLearning”, an online Quran Tajweed Institute. We believe that every person in globe should be benefited by the lighten of Qur’an and implement its injunctions in their lives.

Our mission is to provide any one access to especial teachings of Islam and Quran that enable him or her to maximise his or her success in spirit, no matter of geographic or statistic considerations. We endeavour to encourage the teachings of the magnificent Qur’an all over the world. We make this potential by providing High quality Quranic lessons, something every Muslim needs. We have opened the doors for those who want to Learn Quran and it’s teachings.

Furthermore “Quran eLearning” wishes to spread out the light of Qur’an and Islam, and gain the pleasure of Almighty Allah. We want to bring Quran learning to the individuals at the comfort of their homes or offices etc. Hence we provide one-to-one learning solutions to pupils from any part of the globe. These solutions can literally change lives by following up the teachings of the holy Qur’an in their lives.

The Messenger (peace be upon him) said,

“Whoever takes the path hoping for knowledge, Allah makes easy for him the path to Paradise. Verily, the angels lower their wings for the seeker of knowledge out of pleasure of what he is doing. Verily all in the heavens and earth seek forgiveness for the knowledgeable, even the fish in the water. The excellence of the knowledgeable over the servant is like the excellence of the moon on the night of the full moon over all the planets. Verily, the learned are the heirs of the Prophets. The Prophets do not leave a dinar or dirham but it is inherited in knowledge and he who takes it, takes a great bounty.” [Abu Dawood, Ibn Maajah, and Ibn Hibbaan]

The Prophet (peace be upon him) states:

The best among you are those who learn the Qur’an and its teach (Hadith). (Bukhari)